We acknowledge that in any stable society there must always be some basic agreement of what is right and what is wrong in human behaviour, for the common good of its citizens. Without such an agreement, dissension and disorder occur to such an extent that society breaks down and soon becomes intolerable. The most elementary aspect of social order relates to the preservation and protection of life.

When there is general agreement in a society on which human acts are right and which are wrong then there is an ethical system a whole way of thinking about moral issues which isshared by the members of that society. Ethical decision-making is based on fundamental values. When a person has to choose between right and wrong he or she makes a moral decision. We all, inevitably, must make these moral decisions which involve beliefs, feelings, moral values and moral principles as to what one fundamentally regards as right or wrong. The ethical principles presented here express our agreement and commitment to live by what we regard to be worthy values and goals as healthcare professionals.

It is important that Health Care professionals, while always open to listening to points of view which differ from their own, should be adequately prepared to give an account of the values which they themselves hold.