1. The members' annual subscription shall be such amount as the National Executive Committee may from time to time determine and approve at the AGM.
  2. The Executive Committee of each Branch shall be responsible for the collection of the annual subscription from each member by the 31'st January each year. The annual subscription shall be payable by new members on joining the Guild. Individual members shall pay the annual subscription directly to the National Treasurer.
  3. The Treasurer of each Branch shall remit to the National Treasurer two-thirds of the amount received in members subscriptions each year.
  4. The Treasurer of each Branch, the Treasurer of the Social Committee and National Treasurer shall keep adequate books of account and each year shall produce an annual statement of Income and Expenditure and a Balance Sheet, which accounts shall be verified by another member of the relevant Executive Committee and, in the case of the National Executive, certified by a professional accountant. All such accounts shall then be circulated to all members of the Branch, in the case of the Branch accounts. The National Guild Accounts will be circulated to all members present at the Annual General Meeting.
  5. The Secretary of each Branch and the National Secretary shall each prepare an Annual Report of the proceedings and activities of their Branches or of the Guild respectively and such Repons shall be considered and, if agreed, shall be adopted by the relevant Branch Executive Committee or the National Executive Committee. The Reports shall then be circulated to all members of the relevant Branch in the case of the Branch Reports, and to all members of the Guild in the case of the National Annual Report.
  6. In addition to the foregoing, each Branch Chairperson shall furnish to the National President a copy of the Annual Report and of the Annual Accounts of the Branch not less than four weeks prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting of the Guild.
  7. Should a Branch consider closing, the President of the Branch should discuss the matter with the National Executive. All minute books, financial statements and any funds remaining should be returned to the National Treasurer.